Our Vision

With a population of over 1.2 Billion people, India is a country with vastly diverse demographics. And with this huge diversity comes in a myriad array of ideas that have been hand-crafting the future of our country – one solution at a time.

We believe that the impact stories of enterprises inspire & expedite the process of change. Hence, we feel the need to voice out these stories so that they reach the masses and help serve the causes better.

भारतCONNECT is a social platform that aims to voice out the stories of change-makers who are working throughout the length & breadth of India to make lives better. We strive to bridge the gap between Social Enterprises and people looking out for opportunities to get involved through the most powerful medium – Stories.

Each of you has a unique story and we would love to hear them first-hand. We can’t even begin to fathom the inspiration it’ll spark in the minds & hearts of millions out there reading them.

Please head over to this page and get in touch via Email/Facebook/Phone Call in order to know more about us, or letting us know when we can hear your story. In case you’re not sure how we can take this forward, just drop by to say hello!